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The Masters in Froeign Recruitment

A New LMIA works with elite immigration consultants to assist employers with hiring foreigners to work in Canada.

Our Services

Need Foreign Workers?

Get connected with registered Canadian immigration experts to formulate a strategic plan help you find the workers you need.

Looking for a Job?

Do you want to move to Canada? Are you looking for an LMIA qualified position in Canada?  Apply now...

LMIA application might be a tough journey for employers

Canadian employers often feel reluctant when it comes to applying for a LMIA from the Employment and Social Development Canada.

Complex Procedure

The application for LMIA involves intensive paper work, and multiple mandatory moves in the procedure. Errors may result in refusal and no refund would occur.

Burderns bring about stress

When a foreign worker intend to permanently stay in Canada, employers often worry about if they have sufficient knowledge or experience to carry on the task.

If you are an employer

Talk to an Immigration Expert Now, to help you acquire your LMIA in a Highly Efficient way...

Foreign Workers lack chance to present themselves

Foreign Workers are not confident enough to connect with Canadian employers due to their difference in Language or lacking of information in Canadian labor market.

Language Barrior

The foreign job seekers may be encumbered with their lack of communicative skill of English or/and French.

Different Niche of Job Market

Former experience may not be a merit for the current job seeking. Knowing the discourse of Canadian job market is critical in success.

If you are a foreign worker

Talk to an Immigration Expert Now, to help you find an Canadian job...

Process Steps

1. For employers who intend to hire a foreign employee:


Consult to an immigration consultant and sign a retainer agreement with A New Lmia Canada.


Get a LMIA. Interview foreign job seekers, including those A New Lmia Canada recommends to you.


The foreign worker apply, and finally acquire his/her Work Permit, Come to Canada and work for you.

2. For foreign job seekers:


Consult to a Recruitment Expert, to veryfy and polish your C.V., and equip you with interview tips.


Get a job offer, sign a retainer agreement with an immigration expert, apply for Work Permit.


Arrive Canada, work for the employer. After a stipulated period, apply for PR of Canada (optional).

Why Choose Us

Top-Level RCICs

We have top Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants work for us.

Experience and Efficiency

Rich experience enable us to work in an efficient way for employers and job seekers.

Lawful Moves

We stick to Canadian legislations and regulations. No compromise on integrity.

Lower Cost

The economics of scale allow us to provide services with a competitive pricing polocy.

AIPP Featured

If you are an employer in Atlantic Provinces, or you are a job seeker who wants to immigrate to Canada through AIPP program...